What is Vashe Wound Solution?

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Vashe Wound wound careVashe Wound Solution is a wound care product that was created to mimic the normal pH balance of human skin. It’s both a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer for the skin and tissue around a wound. But human skin isn’t its only application, it can moisten and lubricate absorbent wound dressing. It has several other purposes, including wound irrigation and debridement, which means it can remove dead skin, foreign material, microorganisms or debris from inside a wound. It can clean a dirty wound or a wound that’s still producing exudate and blood. It can be used on acute wounds, abrasions, minor skin irritations and even chronic wounds or chronic dermal lesions. It can be applied to help heal ulcer wounds, such as stage 1-4 pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers or diabetic ulcers, including diabetic foot ulcers. Some doctors or wound care specialists may choose to work with it when caring for post-surgical wounds. It is also good for burns, skin grafting and donor sites as well as ingrown toenails. In other words, this solution has many different applications. 

What are the benefits of using Vashe Wound Solution? 

According to the spokespeople who represent Vashe Wound Solution, this product has several benefits. Here they are: 

  • It’s biocompatible, meaning it’s not harmful to living tissue
  • It’s natural
  • It mimics the skin’s regular pH balance
  • It cleans wounds 
  • It promotes healing 
  • It debrides wounds, deeply cleans them and removes microorganisms 
  • It limits odor caused by wounds
  • It has a light and fresh scent
  • The solution is no-sting, so it doesn’t hurt while being applied and it’s appropriate for children or adults

What’s in Vashe Wound Cleanser? 

This cleanser contains a proprietary solution called Natural Zone Technology or NZT that cleans and debrides any wound type, including lesions, ulcers and burns. When used, this product irrigates the wound and flushes out foreign material and bacteria without hurting any of the surrounding tissue. It doesn’t sting or cause pain as it’s being applied. To achieve an ideal pH level, the solution is produced by an electrochemical process that harnesses HOC1, or Hypochlorous Acid, and eliminates the wound’s cytotoxicity

Vashe Wound wound care ocHow do you use Vashe Wound Solution? 

  1. Put on a pair of sterile gloves.
  2. Assess the wound. What are its characteristics? Is there blood or exudate coming from the wound? Is it a dry wound? This will let you know what dressing to put on afterwards. 
  3. Take the bottle of wound solution and label it with the patient’s name and the date this is occurring. 
  4. Keep in mind, the bottle should be used completely within 30 days of opening. 
  5. Take a piece of clean gauze. Wet it with the Vashe Wound Solution, creating a compress. 
  6. Any excess solution should be rung out. Apply the solution directly to the bed of the wound. 
  7. Keep the wound covered with the gauze for about 5 minutes. Look for scant exudate; this means the exudate is beginning to run out and the wound has been properly cleaned. If there’s a moderate to heavy amount of exudate, you’ll need to soak the gauze in solution and leave it on the wound for up to 10 minutes. In this case, don’t wring out the solution, use it all. 
  8. If you need to loosen necrotic tissue, take a syringe, irrigate the wound further and loosen the skin.  
  9. Afterwards, pat the wound lightly in order to remove excess solution. 
  10. Take whichever type of dressing you deemed to be the most conducive and apply it to the wound. Use wound packing if that’s needed. 
  11. You’ll need to keep the wound covered for at least a day in order to achieve a moisture balance. 

Who can use Vashe Wound Solution?

Because this solution was created to mimic a pH equal to normal skin, it can be applied to various skin types of people at various ages, including older people and younger people. When this product is used on pediatric wounds, it can be beneficial because of its non-sting formula. That means it won’t sting or burn as it’s being applied or once it’s on the skin. Another kid-friendly aspect is the smell of this solution, which is clean and calming.  

What sizes does Vashe Wound Solution come in? 

  • A 4 fl oz or 118ml bottle
  • An 8.5 fl oz or 250ml bottle 
  • A 16 fl oz or 475ml bottle 
  • A 34 fl oz or 1L bottle

Vashe Wound wound care orange countyIn Conclusion

Vashe Wound Solution is a cleanser and moisturizer that helps wounds by duplicating the body’s natural pH levels. It can be used on a variety of wound types. It comes in various bottle sizes. Consult with your wound care specialist for more information on solutions that can help clean wounds and speed up the healing process. 

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