Moisture-Associated Skin Damage: The Key Terms

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skin damage wound careWhen it comes to moisture-associated skin damage there are some terms you should be familiar with. These are the key words your doctor or wound care specialist will use when talking about your wound and any moisture-associated skin damage you may have incurred.  If you want to know what they’re talking about, we’ve broken it all down for you. 

Key Terms 

Denuded – Excoriated or eroded skin/a complete loss of the epidermis. Happens because of prolonged exposure to moisture and friction.

Excoriation – A superficial to partial thickness wound that’s also known as a scratch or abrasion. Usually caused by “mechanical means.” 

Excoriated Skin – Also known as “skin picking.” Occurs when someone erodes their own skin 

tissue by picking at it. Picking at scabs can lead to skin damage, injury, and contamination. 

Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis or IAD – Skin inflammation and erosion caused by constant exposure to urine and/or feces. Occurs often when a patient is bedridden or wearing a diaper. 

Intertriginous Dermatitis – Skin inflammation and erosion caused by skin-to-skin contact or skin-to-device contact. Some common causes are prolonged exposure to sweat, bacteria, fungus, or friction. Contact with any device for a prolonged time period can cause it because this type of exposure causes the skin to sweat. 

Maceration – Occurs due to a prolonged exposure to moisture. Results in the skin softening and then completely breaking down. Macerated skin is often white, pruned-looking, sometimes slimy. 

skin damage wound care ocMoisture-associated Skin Damage or MASD – This type of skin damage occurs with prolonged exposure to moisture, including urine, feces, saliva, sweat, and more. It is extremely harmful to the skin. It can happen anywhere on the body, including the neck, hands, feet, stomach, and etc. The most high-risk locations to look out for are areas that don’t dry easily or that aren’t exposed to air often. The folds and creases of the skin are especially apt to MASD. 

Peristomal Moisture-Associated Skin Damage – Skin inflammation around the area of any type of stoma. Most commonly seen with tracheostomies, gastrostomies, urostomies, and colostomies. Caused by constant contact with sweat, feces or urine. 

Periwound Moisture-Associated Skin Damage – Occurs when wound exudate is constantly exposed to the skin. This causes damage, inflammation, and erythema. It may also cause skin erosion, though Periwound Moisture-Associated Skin Damage is not defined as causing eroded skin. 

Perineal Environment – Things that can cause damage to the perineal skin or impact it in a negative way, including incontinence, skin irritants, enzymes, PH, bacteria, and fungus.

Tissue Tolerance – The level of skin tissue’s tolerance. The ability of tissue to not get damaged. The tolerance of skin tissue is based on various factors, including the person’s age, nutritional intake, oxygen level, overall health, core body temperature, and more. 

In Conclusion 

skin damage wound care orange countyThe above vocabulary words are especially important to know if you are experiencing moisture-associated skin damage. This is not an exhaustive list of all the words, but these are the most common words you’ll hear. Moisture-associated skin damage is caused by constant exposure to moisture. Because wound exudate and skin maceration have moisture, any wound could potentially cause damage if the dressings aren’t changed properly. But, most of these key terms refer to scenarios where the skin is exposed to outside moisture, such as stool or urine. 

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