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occlusive dressing wound care

How Does Diabetes Affect Wound Healing?

For diabetics around the world, as well as their loved ones, one popular question is, “How does diabetes affect wound healing?” For the roughly 40 million Americans with diabetes, complications

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Periwound Skin Management wound care orange county

A Guide to Periwound Skin Management

What would happen to a wound without proper periwound management? The truth is, wounds need to be managed properly in order to heal correctly. If a wound isn’t treated properly,

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Wound Dehiscence wound care

Wound Dehiscence: What is it?

What Is Wound Dehiscence? In this article we’ll explore the wound disruption known commonly as “wound dehiscence.” It occurs when, after surgery, a wound reopens at the site of the

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Scar Tissue wound care

How Does Scar Tissue Cause Pain?

For some people, scar tissue causes pain. So, what is scar tissue? Scar tissue is the thick, fibrous tissue that replaces damaged tissue after injury. At one time, that skin

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