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Lidocaine for Managing Wounds

Lidocaine: What is it? Lidocaine is usually a topical ointment, though it can also be injected by a doctor or wound care specialist. It is used to numb a certain

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What is Reepithelialization?

Did you know you can accelerate wound healing with proper reepithelialization? In this article we’re going to explore how. But first, what is Reepithelialization? Well. It’s super important when it

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woman suffering from a diabetic ulcer

Venous Vs Arterial Wounds

When it comes to lower extremity care, otherwise known as foot and leg wound care, there are two types of wounds that are considered the most common, venous wounds and

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Chemical Burns wound care

Preventing Heel Pressure Ulcers

The heels are a particularly vulnerable part of the foot, prone to skin breakdown and dryness. Part of that is because the posterior heel is composed of a thin layer

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